one's asshole often shoved in to ppl's faces just because its funny
Danny: hey manny are you ready for some bok choy?

Manny: dude, really its not funny i hate when you do this to me dude

Danny: too bad Lmao!!!!!!
by jager559 December 13, 2009
Top Definition
A word that replaces the boring term sex or a euphemism when talking with your friends to do with anything sexual.
Did you bok choy with her?

Let's go get some bok choy tonight!

I need my bok choy now!

Do you like your bok choy hard or soft?
by James Zenger October 28, 2006
A name for a friend.
"Hey Bokchoy, throw me a beer!"
by Alex January 09, 2005
A vegetable that is unheard of in Caucasian culture, and is deemed to be a disgusting vegetable for many people.(not necessarily all people.)

A person who is a failure at life, an arrogant egotist, and is a show-off that never does anything right. This name is deemed to the school loner, or the person who gets pissed off that the most randomest things. This person will talk to himself, touch people's hair for no reason, and go on angry tangents and choke people just because he/she feels like it.

Can be used as a noun, or adjective
"Wow, what a bok choy."

"I can't believe Bok Choy actually insulted a teacher."

"I saw Bok Choy at school...FML"

"Did Bok Choy just got his face caked??
Yep...he deserved it."

"Hi, Bok Choy."

"uh........okay...i didn't do anything"
by IkEeEeElYou January 03, 2010
To mess something up, or to express an emotion.
Derek You just bok choyed this whole thing up!!
by joe mama12345678910 August 12, 2010
A pack of smokin' hot Asian chicks, usually of the Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese denomination that might only speak English as a second language and often have no idea how sexy they really are.
Dude, there's so much freakin' bok choy here today it's unbelievable!!
by Acoutica September 15, 2010
americanised cantonese- referring to veggies that good asian children with slanty eyes and high conduct marks actually enjoy feasting upon. It is white-green and when lightly salted, admittedly quite savorly indeedy.
tsee seen jai, ney sic mm sic ney gaw bok choy AAH???
by HumbyPumby July 14, 2004
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