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A vegetable that is unheard of in Caucasian culture, and is deemed to be a disgusting vegetable for many people.(not necessarily all people.)

A person who is a failure at life, an arrogant egotist, and is a show-off that never does anything right. This name is deemed to the school loner, or the person who gets pissed off that the most randomest things. This person will talk to himself, touch people's hair for no reason, and go on angry tangents and choke people just because he/she feels like it.

Can be used as a noun, or adjective
"Wow, what a bok choy."

"I can't believe Bok Choy actually insulted a teacher."

"I saw Bok Choy at school...FML"

"Did Bok Choy just got his face caked??
Yep...he deserved it."

"Hi, Bok Choy."

"uh........okay...i didn't do anything"
by IkEeEeElYou January 03, 2010

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