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derived from "beast"
good at something, good in general
I am so boist at Mario Cart! I also need to get some new games!
by I am boist, oh yes I am November 04, 2003
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(pronounced boy-st), can be used as a noun, verb or adjective referring to all manner of filthy things
I would so boist that new teacher.

Redden is sooo boist, like oh my gosh.

i was watching a boist the other day, but i turned it off after she started burting. yes, burting.
by The Immaterial God (hazza G) August 06, 2009
See "beast"
Anything positive or "the best"
See "hot"
You're going to the concert?!? That is SO boist!
by Sherlock Holmes November 04, 2003

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