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A vengeful god who will, without a doubt, brutally beat down those who have slandered his name. Such pussies may have felt slighted by pranks which were to great for them to comprehend, but they will not be tolerated any longer. So suck it assholes. Especially you who posted the first comment, if you too much of a fucking pussy to admit you even like a girl, let alone go out with her, i cannot be blamed for getting their forst, loser. Mabey this made you realized you should have been doing other things rather than play WOW all day...So I invite you to fuck off and stop pulling this shit or I WILL FUCK YOU UP!
The Redden beat the living crap out of Michel for being such a little, pathetic bitch.
by revenge345 June 12, 2007
A south american aninal, closely related to a pig. Native to the amazon. They are frequently found wallowing with their mates on compost piles. Thus it gives off a smell that is used to attact its mate.
Last night a Redden was wallowing in the trash.
by Roman Vamp May 23, 2007

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