A vague term used to refer to people who live some sort of "alternative", often artistic lifestyle. The term is associated - although not exactly synonymous - with the term hippie. The term originally came to be used in this sense in 19th century France, in an attempt to liken non-conventional artist types to Romani (gypsies), who the French associated with Bohemia in Central Europe (today part of the Czech Republic).
1. I went to this really cool, bohemian café in Barcelona, full of hippies and Rastas.

2. Jeff thinks he's some sort of bohemian, but really he's just a massive waster.
by backpacker_x2 January 28, 2011
A hipster who doesn't want to be called a hipster.
Hipster 1: "Hey, man, have you heard of <obscure band>?"

Hipster 2: "Yeah, I used to like them, but now they've sold out. I like their old stuff, like <obscure song from obscure band>. Hey, have you been to <local thrift shop>?"

Hipster 1: "Yeah, but I don't like how they carry stuff from <popular clothing brand>. Clashes with my ironic mustache, you know?"

Hipster 2: "Uh-huh. Hey, listen, aren't hipsters terrible?"

Hipster 1: "Yeah, I was into hipsterism before it was cool. Now it's too mainstream. It's a good thing we're "Bohemian," and not hipsters."
by ontologix429 October 30, 2012
A pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, hipster who smokes pot but still listens to classical music and wears a turtleneck. They pretend to be artists or writers, but have greater ability for sitting in coffee shops all day writing their vanity project on the laptop their daddy bought for them while the unemployment benefits roll in.
"Did you see that bohemian in here yesterday?"

"Yea I really wanted to punch him in the face"
by Hector Anuwun January 19, 2013
adj. real estate marketing term used by realtors to describe parts of town where the rent is so high that you end up having to furnish your place/dress yourself from Goodwill and therefore look like a gypsy
Classified Ad: Bohemian paradise, East Village, 1 BR, 1 Bath, 650 sq. ft. $3700/mo.
by hactar May 03, 2003
A supporter of Bohemian Football Club from Dublin. You'll never meet a more genuine but long suffering football fan anywhere in the world.

Red and Black Army!
"Here bud, did you see the Unired match on the box last night?"

"No, I was down Dalyer with all me Bohemian mates cheering on an actual Irish team ya geestain!"
by Jackie Jameson May 02, 2006
a person for Bohemia. a country that is now part of the Check republic post ww 1
I am third generation Bohemian
by angie54703 September 27, 2005
the coolest people out there
america is a bohemian utopia
by eazy-X May 14, 2008

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