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A hipster who doesn't want to be called a hipster.
Hipster 1: "Hey, man, have you heard of <obscure band>?"

Hipster 2: "Yeah, I used to like them, but now they've sold out. I like their old stuff, like <obscure song from obscure band>. Hey, have you been to <local thrift shop>?"

Hipster 1: "Yeah, but I don't like how they carry stuff from <popular clothing brand>. Clashes with my ironic mustache, you know?"

Hipster 2: "Uh-huh. Hey, listen, aren't hipsters terrible?"

Hipster 1: "Yeah, I was into hipsterism before it was cool. Now it's too mainstream. It's a good thing we're "Bohemian," and not hipsters."
by ontologix429 October 30, 2012

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