the lowest creature available in the area for sexual relations bog(ground level) woppit(loc:rabbit)bogwoppit will initiate sexual intercourse for recreational perposes anytime
alt name for slut, whore, bicylce other derogatary terms for loose women. "see that lads definate Bog woppit drunk i need a shag she'll do"
by raisen July 19, 2003
Top Definition
Word used in the Skegness branch of Currys (Lincolnshire, England) to define inbred, ugly, smelly, and stupid people.
Man that guy was such a bogwoppit, or, Bogwoppit alert.
by Jay Plucinski February 09, 2005
A fictional creature from the book Bogwoppit, published in 1978 by the author Ursula Moray Williams. The book "concerned the problems of taming the mysterious and mischievous bogwoppits that the young heroine discovers in the marsh."*

*= from the Guardian obituraries
Also, for the author, see Wikipedia
(no example for Bogwoppit - true definition supplied)
by aBogwoppit March 23, 2011
A reference to define someone who has just done something idiotic or stupid.Can also be used to describe a not so pleasant looking person.
What did you do that for you Bog Woppit.

Look Over there at them isnt she a Bog Woppit.
by Chelseagav September 28, 2008
An inner city animal thought extinct till a few years ago. They have a tendency to dress the same and steal anything shiny. They can be fairly agressive at cerain times of the day however, this is easy to spot as there will be a fairly strong smell of alcohol in the air at the same time.
Quick run away there is a bogwoppit after us
by Ravaldo August 01, 2006
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