The act of placing a man's ball sack over someones eyes.
While she slept, I joyously gave her a warm, fuzzy pair of boggles.
#boggles #balls #goggles #boggle #goggle
by Boggle Master January 02, 2009
Top Definition
a fabulous game involving cube like things and an hour glass and a plastic grid. the point is to find words. i often find fine words such as tie.
"yesterday i was killed by an animatronic banana; it pelted my cerebellum with boggle letter cubes"
#cubes #games #geometry #words #word
by irene fitzgerald January 02, 2006
confused, doesn't make sense, not understanding
What she did boggles my mind.
by Dont Know September 01, 2004
When your eyes bug out, your face crunches up all funny looking and you're like what the fucking hell?!?!
"Oh my god! I just saw a monkey own some guy in Natural-Selection with a knife!" - SomeRandomGuy

*boggle* - Abix
by Abix December 09, 2003
A form of tea-bagging where you set your testicles on the bridge of someone's nose so they fall into the eye sockets. A set of ball-goggles = boggles.
I totally boggled you when you were passed out. Boggles the mind
#tea-bagging #tea bagging #balls #eyeglasses #breathing strips
by PJT Cyclone February 13, 2014
Boggle- a bond between three girls that can never been be broken and are always there for one and another
You boggle!
#nice #kind #bitch #honest #amazing
by Boggle_sarai August 08, 2013
to have ear sex: sticking your dick in someone's ear.
"Yeasterday I boggled that hoe!"
#ear fucking #boggled #boggles #buggle #boogle
by kactus November 12, 2008
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