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to have ear sex: sticking your dick in someone's ear.
"Yeasterday I boggled that hoe!"
by kactus November 12, 2008
vomit, puke, throw-up, toss your cookies, blah!
verb meaning to vomit
watch out or nicole will boggle all over your new shirt!
by orange juice February 19, 2004
word that perplexes and amazes abix
abix is boggle champ
by ChanServ December 11, 2003
(said with the emphasis on the 'o' not as an 'oo' sound)

a word used when one is suggesting they would prefer to head to a specific destination; namely the residence of an unsuspecting acquaintance. This usually occurs during an impromptu meeting, and undertaken in a conversational manner.
Nina "Hey Jarvis, what are you up to?"

Jarvis "Not much hey, I might just boggle on round to your house"
by sleepsta December 27, 2010
A consistently developing mental and visual condition that allows ugly girls to look progressively better as a man spends an extended period of time in the Greater Boston Area. This illness typically results in copious amounts of awkward mornings and regrettable encounters.
"Aw man did you see that beat chick Nick hooked up with last night?"

"Yeah man, he said she was a 7."

"No way dude, the boggles are totally taking effect, she's a 3 at best"
by Wescrates April 25, 2008
To dance like an old person.
Oh my god, look at Velma boggling to Aswad!
by Daisy August 02, 2003
to fuck; to have intercourse with.
I'm going to invite her over and then boggle the hell out of her!
by MadDog27 June 16, 2008