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Derogatory term for an aboriginal Canadian, mainly used in the western portion of the country.
Look at all those greasy boggins hanging out in front of the liquor store begging for change!
by Kristo1977 March 07, 2014
Boggin ; Meaning anything from cool to stylish or an activity you enjoy .
" That outfit is boggin,". "You want to go out tonight?" "Yeah thats boggin!
by Ducky58green December 13, 2010
Fucking up.
Yo you are Boggin
by Michael Marshmellow December 21, 2009
A boggins is a silly, imp-like creature up to light-hearted mischief. Usually used to define a silly person or someone doing something nonsensical.
Oh, don't be a silly boggins, there aren't any monsters under the bed (yet)!

See also: rascal imp silly hooligan gremlin rapscallion
by SocialistRevolvingDoor May 13, 2010
The act of fucking your girlfriend in the missionary position and blowing a load on her pusssy, followed by you reinserting your penis into her vagina to squeeze out the remaining cum in your erection.
I had just got home from work to find a gentelman Boggin' my fiance' on the Laz-e-boy.
by Nick-o-wid June 10, 2006
looking at sumone wivowt ther permission!
dirty chav usually use this term:

"wt is u boggin at!!"
by LtothaS November 10, 2005
A legend, hero. Comes from Yargles (Bog=God).
That dude is Boggin!
by Uncle Yusuf January 19, 2004