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Boggin ; Meaning anything from cool to stylish or an activity you enjoy .
" That outfit is boggin,". "You want to go out tonight?" "Yeah thats boggin!
by Ducky58green December 13, 2010
6 9
Fucking up.
Yo you are Boggin
by Michael Marshmellow December 21, 2009
6 10
A boggins is a silly, imp-like creature up to light-hearted mischief. Usually used to define a silly person or someone doing something nonsensical.
Oh, don't be a silly boggins, there aren't any monsters under the bed (yet)!

See also: rascal imp silly hooligan gremlin rapscallion
by SocialistRevolvingDoor May 13, 2010
0 5
The act of fucking your girlfriend in the missionary position and blowing a load on her pusssy, followed by you reinserting your penis into her vagina to squeeze out the remaining cum in your erection.
I had just got home from work to find a gentelman Boggin' my fiance' on the Laz-e-boy.
by Nick-o-wid June 10, 2006
6 15
looking at sumone wivowt ther permission!
dirty chav usually use this term:

"wt is u boggin at!!"
by LtothaS November 10, 2005
12 40
A legend, hero. Comes from Yargles (Bog=God).
That dude is Boggin!
by Uncle Yusuf January 19, 2004
7 35