A game where you have to shout "BOGEY!" and the person who shouts the loudest wins. For the best results play this at school, work, in shops, at funerals, etc.
Josh: BOGEY!
Josh: Ouch! My ears!
by Trampikey and Goldie! July 10, 2005
A group of friends accompanying the woman you're trying to hit on. Most are usually girlgoyles. They can be deflected away from you by skillful usage of a wingman or two.
Man, that chick's got too many bogeys with her! We need more wingmen!
by Omni November 17, 2003
A target to take down or goal to accomplish. Used in sales and business world.
Our bogey for the year is 50 deals with this new company.
by Ken Weiner January 12, 2005
Bergy 10 years from now sent back in time to save the world.
Bogey for Bergy in 2004.
by Bergy May 11, 2003
a turd. a piece of shit, especially dog shit.
Dammit, Charlie! You just stepped in a bogey!
by Justin L Thompson September 15, 2005

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