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Some who is contantly posting pictures on facebook of themselves in swims suits and workout clothes to show everyone how hot they are. Also paired with contant status updates about fruits, vegatables, juicing, working out, going to whole foods and posting articles about those topics. This generally annoys the shit out of others and there are never any comments on the posts except for the person's s/o who is equally obsessed and annoying.
Status update
"Gee, I am sure enjoying this green apple, carrot protein shake before my 50 mile bike ride in the mountains with my hot boyfriend!"

comment from boyfriend-"oh baby it's gonna be a great day, can you make some of that veggie soup later"

comment from annoyed fb friend-"stop bodybooking and go eat some cheese fries."
by funwife May 16, 2012
allegedly straight guys posting topless bathroom phone pics
I blocked him. His bodybooking "photos" were making my eyes bleed.
by bodybooking sickened October 26, 2012