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Defining any hick place, town, or location in rural America. Also an adjective used to describe anything shoddy and cheap.
See, this guy came from Bodunk, Missouri or some town like that. Man, he was some hick, he didn't know the internet existed until like two hours ago.
by jaljcoki March 30, 2006
Bo-Dunk is an adjective that is similar to bum fuck both phonetically and by meaning. Bo-dunk describes a very low-population town. Mostly these towns have a few general stores, perhaps a small supermarket, a post office and some quaint houses. The towns undoubtedly have at least 1 church because the inhabitants are generally right-wing christian folk.

Some people prefer to live in bo-dunk towns because of the simplicity and the neighborly attitude of the inhabitants. Others get a deep depression just driving past bo-dunk towns.

The town in Napoleon Dynamite could be described as a textbook bo-dunk town.
Person A: Hi!

Person B: Hey dude, what's the shig? How's life in the hell that is Dehesa.

Person A: Shut up, dude. Living in Dehesa isn't that bad.

Person B: Dehesa is a bo-dunk shithole. You guys don't even have a post office. All the people in the town collect ceramic cows and shit like that.

Person A: Yeah you're right. I hate it here. This place is only good for old people and people who need to dump a body.

Person B: True.dat
by Skeeter McDougal September 02, 2005
A really shitty or stupid place or thing.
That is one bodunk little town.
by Mo. Joe April 21, 2005
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