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"Individual who is obsessed with academic study to the exclusion of all else"
"You are a Bodrick"
by iansonuk March 09, 2004

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boffin freak geek loser nerd spod
Possibly the best word ever to be invented, a 'bodrick' is a nerd, a geek, a boff, whatever you want to call them. Lovable but socially inept, the typical bodrick will blink an inordinate number of times when speaking, stammer a little, giggle a little and have an unnatural love for science. A bodrick may also just be the friend you recently discovered drives a Ford KA or owns a waistcoat.
"Mate, you're a bodrick"
by Imme Jackson January 03, 2009
British slang, same as British spod
"I hate my course of study, I'm surrounded by bodricks".
by iansonuk March 08, 2004