something that is really SWEET
something that is really AWESOME
something that is BODERANT!
"Woah! Dude that was soooo boderant!"
"you couldn't get anymore boderant than that!"
by Edub Troms January 11, 2006
Top Definition
When someone fails to use deodourant, they get Body Odour, so u say they use BO-derant.
'WTF Matt E, u been using BOderant'
MAtt get a better beoderant
by Ben Collier January 03, 2005
Certain brands of deoderant that enhance b.o rather than prevent it.
I don't use that brand anymore because it turns into b.oderant after a few hours.
by Chilton Burr September 25, 2005
Like deoderant, but it makes you smell like butt
Man, scott has gotta be wearin some B-oderant, because he smells like buuuuuuut.
by Cap'n Jew October 11, 2003
Deoderant. Can also be called B.O.derator.
I stink, can i borrow some of your B.O derator
by will March 13, 2004
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