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A person from Memphis, Missouri that is considered an outcast or a misfit. Usally someone who doesn't shower and smells really bad. Boders usually define anyone active as a "prep" at our school.
The people who sit in the commons before school starts are such boders.
by 22chick November 16, 2004
Horrible oder emitted from the Balleria or ball region. This occurs when one does not shower and wears the same pants day after day. In some regions in North America, Boder is viewed as a manly musk released when aroused.
Snerdley's Boder is so thick that it can clear out an entire room and cause violent projectile vomiting.
by Snerdley Berdley February 01, 2007
man i have a huge boder
by Bill May 07, 2003
To pass responsibility of something you don't want to do to an unsuspecting co-worker.
buddy fucker
He left for a 3 hour lunch and Bodered me with all this work that is due today.
by Gatorman November 06, 2004

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