A description for excitement. Can be used as an interjection. Often used in place of the popular term, "yahtzee". Sometimes used to describe a feeling when you've had multiple margaritas. Often used when a moment of success happens. Originated by a beautiful chick who has a smokin hot body. Bodega!
When you reach a good goal that's bodega. When you drink too much that's bodega. Example: We've had too many margaritas. Bodega!
by PikaPlay January 03, 2015
The most stylish, sexy, amazing film ever released. From the brilliant minds of " Random Entertainment " Bodegas rocks more than Bill Nye and the the white power ranger... put together.
Bodegas rocks more than Jesus.
by Brad September 22, 2004
a shoe store disguised as a corner market in boston. it's amazing. they also sell paint.... shhh!
dude, i hope oliver is workin' at bodega, i need some new kicks.
by tagger2 January 02, 2009
Drug Store that looks like a grocery store, mostly based in NYC.
I went to the bodega to buy an ounce of weed
by Angelo<Desperad0> April 10, 2003
A ghetto Spanish version of a convenience store. All of them are very filthy and rats crawling around everywhere. All they sell is nasty cheap poor people food and they use their bare hands to make the peoples cheese sandwiches. The people working there cant speak any English even if the store is located in the United States.

Its also a good place for minors to buy booze with a fake ID and not get caught.
I went to the nasty bodega in the barrio today and got diarrhea from their shit.
by tatomuck1 February 27, 2009
Its a way of life. I bodega, you bodega, he she bodega.
Hes got the whole bodega in his hands.
by TNR May 23, 2007
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