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B.O.D. - Big ole' dump.
Damn dude what the hell is that smell... oh, it's Lily taking a bod!
by Vinh T June 23, 2007
A person or way of thinking that is stupid, annoying, lame or ridiculous. An abbreviation for Broadcast Operation Detachment which is a group of Army reservists in Iraq that aren't very bright.
That guy who jumped off a skyscraper using a trash bag as a parachute was completely bod.
by The Final Countdown January 08, 2007
short for 'boobs on display'
a good sight for everyone to behold. sth we all could cherish from time to time. sth that gets you through a crappy day.
everyone who BOD would mean Board of Directors. Guys please get some tonight.
by reeny_oolala March 03, 2011
Bag O' Dicks. As in what you receive when you suck at something such as sports or other "extracurricular" activities. The more you suck, the more "items" in your bag.
With his uninspired play, that quarterback took himself out of the game exaggerating an injury so he wouldn't admit to sucking a BOD!
by Scrooge300 January 25, 2011
The mighty Bernard O'Donoghue, English Tutor to the stars, all round stand up guy, genuine literary legend, expert purveyor of intoxicants, raconteur extraordinaire
Man, that tute i just had with BOD was the most fucking transcendental experience of my academic career
by Willy Hazlitt, Archie June 23, 2009
the caribbean slang for bad:
one. rotten/not nice; as in negative
two. tough/wicked; as in positive
one. "dat bwoi is pure bod breed."(negative)
two. "dat jam was bod." (positive)
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
Adj. hard, tough, gangster.

Founded in Marietta, Georgia in the early 2000's
"That man Montez is bod as fuck"
by A Law January 31, 2005