1. The scariest damn show ever to be created for the enjoyment of children.
2. A show in which a boy in a dress comes hurtling towards you.
Make Bod go away!
by Phantastic Fox March 12, 2004
Bitch on Deck refers to any female that is in waiting for sex. They can be called on almost immediately for any number of sexual favors up to and including intercourse.
Jared: You got any bitches on deck waiting around, man?
Patrick: Of course bro, Jessica is always ready to fuck.

Michael: Dude, I wish I had as many BODs as you got, Courtney.
Courtney: I know man, it ain't easy keeping up with all of those sluts.
by Kainin December 09, 2008
Brian O'Driscoll. Perhaps the greatest Irish rugby player ever!
Dude...did you see that play by BOD? It was AMAZING!!
by rugby4life April 09, 2008
To walk around just for the sake of it. A journey that has no purpose
Hey! You fancy coming for a bod round town?
by Smurfie December 29, 2007

BOD Bringer Of Death, used in online FPS games etc to denote skilled player.
Stay clear of ( name ) he/she is BOD, you don't stand a chance up against him/her.
by applecatz September 29, 2007
the caribbean slang for bad:
one. rotten/not nice; as in negative
two. tough/wicked; as in positive
one. "dat bwoi is pure bod breed."(negative)
two. "dat jam was bod." (positive)
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
Adj. hard, tough, gangster.

Founded in Marietta, Georgia in the early 2000's
"That man Montez is bod as fuck"
by A Law January 31, 2005

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