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someone who gets there dick chopped off
my buddy cheated on his girlfriend and and gave him a bobit
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
A whiny little brat who kisses Paraduck's ass 24/7.
"Oh look, it's Bobit to Paraducks defense again. How can he speak with Para's dick so far into his mouth?"
by Big Gino July 14, 2003
To screw up a situation.
I told my boss die in a fire and left. But I pulled a total bobit and forgot my motorcyle was still locked in his garage.
by 8nonymous January 25, 2007
A parasitic organism. Similar to the common leach. Often found attached to the anus of various waterfoul.
Jesus christ look at the size of the bobit on that ducks ass!
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
My lover. What would I ever do without your sweet love to defend me? We shall truely go on forever like Romeo and Juliet!
Bobit gives the best head in all of AC.
by Paraduck July 14, 2003
a unique individual that looks like it has a beak for a lip.
bobit pecks at the tree hoping to score some ants
by Anonymous July 14, 2003

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