The most beautiful, fun loving, exotic, kinky and sensitive person in the world. Mostly known for her ass, which is as sexy as can be, but also well known for her beautiful blue eyes and sexy smile and beautiful flowing brown hair and a perfect personality. Often belongs to Patricks, which are known to be deep deeply in love with one another.
Bobi your so dirty I love it =]
by Garth Bobi October 26, 2010
Top Definition
the act of being too cool; better than everyone
That store owner was very bobis
by larry t November 16, 2006
the definition for bobis is short for boobis it still means the fat between your arms and your boobs.
That fat man looks like he has bobis!
by lola098 January 25, 2010
The word meaning dork, idiot, wierdo, stupid, geek ect. also in the phrase bobis butt cheak chickenhead

You bobis!!!!

your such a bobis!!!
by Bobis master December 10, 2006
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