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A word that you say to a young child meaning "sleep"
Are you going to bobies?
by Walshness April 30, 2011

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A misspelling of the word "boobies", possibly written by a drunkard or 12 year-old Xbox-Live boy.
"Show me your bobies!"
by Manly_McBeeferton March 08, 2010
slang. Also bobie - the male repreductive organ (penis). Often used in flirtatious environments.
"You wantin' some of the boby darlin'?"
by brendan September 07, 2004
an older version of roby
My name is Boby, I want to watch Monster inc. with roby.
by avarachen July 23, 2003
The singular form of Boob.
Your left boby is sagging.
by sokoto June 06, 2010
some idiot who thinks every single link is spam in "his" precious channels.
<boby> you came in MY channel and put a url up, but it doesnt matter cause im a complete idiot
by Anonymous July 27, 2003