The ultimate crusader of good vs. evil. In the epic battle against Rachel Ray and her regime of evil, Bobby Flay is the head of the IAAIRWATFOE, or The Intergalactic and also Inter-Reality Warriors Against the Forces of Evil. He rides his rusty steed, Falcor, into battle and weilds the legendary Vorpal Blade. He is also the best cook on the food network, followed closely by Alton Brown; although this is only his cover-up identity to help fund his campaign of good. Whenever you donate to unicef your money goes to his cause.
Man! Did you see Bobby Flay totally just humiliate Rachel Ray by making food so amazingly good that if she ate it her head would explode?!
by TheRayHater February 08, 2007
Top Definition
the biggest jerk ever. he makes home town cooks lose on his show to make himself look better. if he loses its just funny.
Quit being a bobby flay!
by not bobby flay July 10, 2008
A ginger with no talent who throws blue corn and ancho chile powder on EVERYTHING to make it tex mex. The ultimate in Douchbag-dom.
Example: "Hey guys, I made sure the teacher didn't forget to give us homework tonight. You guys should come over and I'll make some blue corn enchilidas with ancho chiles."

"Wow, Todd's really being a Bobby Flay right now"
by FUCKERNST&YOUNG May 01, 2009
(n.) a braggart, especially in the area of culinary arts

(v.) to add unnecessary amounts of heat/ spice to a dish (in attempt to mask mediocrity)
1. Kayla: "I can't stand that guy, he's such a Bobby Flay."
Melissa: "He's probably just overcompensating because he's a ginge."

2. "I'll pass on the sriracha, you always Bobby Flay the hell out of your macaroni and cheese."
by dj1durland February 07, 2011
A guy who gets drunk on his show and often claims that the drink is the most important part of the meal. He makes this claim because his food is really bad and his drinks will distract the public from this.
Typically he does douche-y things and makes people feel bad about themselves to gain power.
"Can you believe how drunk he was last night?"
"Yeah, he was a total Bobby Flay."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
The OED defines 'Bobby Flay' as 'A Twenty-First century synonym for douchebag' Also: 'The unfortunate consequence of the union between television, ego, and blinding mediocrity.'
That guy in the member's only jacket is such a 'Bobby Flay.'
by dialataunt August 23, 2008
An amazing ginger who cooks better than Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang puck combined. He is not a douchebag, but smack talks in a really acceptable way. He barely curses, which is a good thing, and has a nice hair color. He earns $9 million a year, pretty rich. He is a very lucky fifty year old New Yorker which everybody should die to meet.
Jeff: heck! That bobby flay guy is like genius in the kitchen!
Bobby: if only my last name was flay
Jeff: even if it were, no one is as amazing!
Bobby: yeah, I guess.
by A huge bobby flay fan May 26, 2015
One of three Iron Chefs on Food Network's Iron Chef America, a knockoff of the Japanese cult sensation Iron Chef. Cooks in the Southwestern style, and has a nasty habit of clumsily knocking over things during battles.
Oh, shit! Flay just knocked over the bowl of salt!
by Mel February 07, 2005
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