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(n.) a braggart, especially in the area of culinary arts

(v.) to add unnecessary amounts of heat/ spice to a dish (in attempt to mask mediocrity)
1. Kayla: "I can't stand that guy, he's such a Bobby Flay."
Melissa: "He's probably just overcompensating because he's a ginge."

2. "I'll pass on the sriracha, you always Bobby Flay the hell out of your macaroni and cheese."
by dj1durland February 07, 2011
(n.) An assortment of Taco Bell sauces artfully arranged in the slats of your automobile's air vents
Chelsea: What the -- goddamn it, I asked for fire sauce, not three milds and medium! Go back around the drive-thru!

Rachel: Calm the fuck down. We still have six packets in the sauce caddy.
by dj1durland February 07, 2011

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