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Boballs is a word for sucks. May also be used as just "Balls"
Created by Nate Jones.
Tom Brady lost the superbowl, and now i owe $50 bucks....that boballs.
#sucks #balls #nate jones #nate #boballs
by Shane Kilbourne August 05, 2008
Boballs is another word for 'sucks'.
Can also be used as just 'balls'
Tom Brady lost the superbowl, man that boballs.
#sucks #balls #boballs #nate #blows
by Mville Nate Jones August 30, 2008
Any clothing item worn and taken off after a full day's use, containing B.O., which is thrown into an easily forgettable place, with the intention of wearing it again, but ending up forgotten and soaking in its own B.O.
Eliza: "Sarah, have you seen my new brown sweater? You wore it last week."

Sarah: "Isn't it in your drawer?"

Eliza: "No. It's not in there. Oh, here it is. You threw it under the bed in a B.O. Ball."
#b.o. #stink #stench #clothes #ball
by Dirty Harry 1 January 10, 2013
what you get after a long jog or sitting in the office all day if you're a fatty
Matty's been sweating like a scouser in Dixons and his bo balls smell like flamin hot monster munch
#sweaty nads #betty swollocks #wet sack #perspired crotch #itchy scrot
by BigJarv July 07, 2006
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