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5 definitions by bignose

Best organisation in the world
I love the European union.
by bignose June 18, 2007
One of the few people in this world who are such failiures they don't have a hidden clever side. The only people who like him are either terrifyingly right wing or just mislead.
Foolish Mortal: Aww, he can't be all bad; he must have a hidden intelligent side to him or else people wouldn't have voted him in. I think the poor chap's just significantly underrated...

T.V: And, once again, a few hundered innocent Iraqi civillians have died due to a pointless war started by none other than George W Bush.

Foolish Mortal: I stand corrected.
by bignose June 18, 2007
London (UK) slang for face. If you want to sound 'gangsta' then try and pronounce it with an exaggerated pretend Jamaican accent, like Booooaht
Gwendolen: Shut up, Algernon, you little waste man. Everyone knows your mum did it with the postman down the back of the Savoy!
Algernon: You want a clap across the boat?
by bignose June 18, 2007
Along with Oscar Wilde, probably one of the greatestpeople to come out of the nineteenth centuary.
Karl Marx gets blamed for a lot of things.
Karl Marx was a communist.
Karl Marx was safe.
by bignose June 18, 2007
If somebody of the opposite sex is attractive (or same sex if you're gay) then you may say that they're buff.
Adrien Brody is buff.
Sacha Baron Cohen is buff, but not as so as Adrien Brody.
Eugene Hutz is buff.
half of Israel's 2007 Eurovision entry are buff.
by bignose June 18, 2007