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Yummy testicles from the species of the mule or jackass. They have a strong salty sperm like taste. They are usually fried and eaten on a bun or some sort of bread. Best when cooked rare, or when boiled to bring out the natural flavors of the donkey cum.
mmmmm...those sure were some mighty fine boadatious donkey balls you cooked us last night jimmy!

oh waiter! I will have my bodatious donkey balls broiled and on a bun with latex condoms please.
by DAR May 04, 2003
Not been having jerked off for so long, that your balls are all swolen and painfull and fluffy like
Roald: Please give me a blow job, i've got serious boadatious donkey balls, dude
Joles: That's pretty :D can I Pleaaaaaaaaase suck em
by G-NOME December 09, 2003
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