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A female individual who shops at walmart for clothing and outfits
Yousef: Victoria all you are is a walmart bitch
by G-nome June 17, 2013
Not been having jerked off for so long, that your balls are all swolen and painfull and fluffy like
Roald: Please give me a blow job, i've got serious boadatious donkey balls, dude
Joles: That's pretty :D can I Pleaaaaaaaaase suck em
by G-NOME December 09, 2003
someone that's so totaly drunk that he's lying in other peoples piss, throw the fuck up, can't walk, and when they move, they throw the fuck up again
Dude:I think I'm going wacko-della-poo-poo tonight mates
Lamer:I ain't cleanin up ya bitch ass mess again
by G-NOME December 10, 2003
a dude that's aggresively against feminism, and that's a hella-good thing too, and this dudes are the MAN they're like, talking women in to saying they're inferiour and pimpslapping them and DOMINATING all bitches of teh world in the world, no my man, this man IS the king, only if it weren't for teh soft ass pussies and shit like that
3.000.000 women: You're right, we ARE stupid and inferiour
single hominist: Just shut the fuck up now and suck me cock wile you clean tha kitchen bihatch
by G-NOME December 10, 2003

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