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An acronym for Bad News Bears. See Bad News Bears.
"I lost my cellphone yesterday."
"Oh man, thats BNB dude."
by Red Dot July 10, 2006
Bread and butter. (n)

Often used in terms of fighting games to describe a standard combo that is effecient in terms of damage and difficulty to perform.
Sion's bnb is freaking imba.
by SionLover March 22, 2009
an Abbreviation for the action Bang and Bolt
Bro 1: How was the walk of shame douche bag!
Bro 2: Haha nonexistent I pulled the B n' B boi!
*Bro Five*
Bro 1: Thats What I'm talking about!
by Weedy McRobeson March 26, 2010
Balls n Bell. When ones penis is so pathetic in size he can be described as simply having only balls and the proverbial bellend and no actual shaft.
Granted he is a cracking looking lad but my god he's all BnB
by Dickie Bummel August 08, 2013
Bang and Bounce. This is referred to a one night stand. Or having sex with someone and leaving right after
After i left the club last night i had a bnb with this one chick i meet there.
by Damion Fivenson January 02, 2011
B$B = Bongs and Booze
A session that involves multiple people coming together to enjoy Bongs and Booze. This is a sacred and most delightful experience.
"Hey mate you comin to the B'n'B later ? "
by Some Sick kunt June 09, 2014
"bang and bounce" a term used in place of a one night stand
i had a bnb with this chick i meet at the club last night
by fivenson March 06, 2011