One of the worlds best and longest lived online gaming clans. It simply does not get any better than these elite members of the Gaming Gods Group.
My God those BnB Guys are elite
by R3BORN July 24, 2007
BnB- abbreviation for Bike and Browse.

a cool bike/computer store in waynesboro, PA, with free internet access. Where just about everyone goes to hangout when they have nothing to do.

Also a beacon for lame/fat/ugly/stinky losers to flock to, so they can soak up the a/c while eating a box of little debbie snacks they just bought for a quarter.
I'm gonna go hang out at the Bnb and play some:
soldat, starcraft, warcraft, cs

Paul: goddamn, it's like a fucking seinfeld set at the Bnb.
Mike: yeah i know.
by Paul Doty June 28, 2005
Big nose bitch.

A girl who parades around with her very big nose up high and looks down on everyone (but i don't know how, she has a ginormously large spot that looks like a volcano in the way rofl)and goes off with Scottish girl + miss fishysmell to bitch about the whole form and particularyly the people she fell out with. She laughs so loud snot comes out of her nasal when she snorts.
person: whats musarat(BNB) done to her nose?
person 2: oh, she just picked her volcano.
person: it'll scar you know.
person 2: i know, thats why im not telling her not to pick it.
by June 28, 2006

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