abbreiviation for "Bad News Bears" often spoken in letters just as b.n.b
person 1: look at this traffic!
person 2: I's BNB
by noelleth mckitty pants July 30, 2006
B$B = Bongs and Booze
A session that involves multiple people coming together to enjoy Bongs and Booze. This is a sacred and most delightful experience.
"Hey mate you comin to the B'n'B later ? "
by Some Sick kunt June 09, 2014
Bahala Na Barkada

One of the most Dangerous Street Asain Street Gang. Dates back to the phillipines and all over california and everywhere. Bahala Na Barkaka is in tagalog which means Go ahead friends. Thry claim the Flue
nigga im from BNB. Bahala Na Barkada
by ic00kckrabz April 16, 2005
Boys in blue a.k.a. the popo or police
Dude, last night at that strip club the bnb arrested some underage punk.
by carmen sandiago November 11, 2007
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