Be my bae
Yo, I really like you, bmb
by naybit March 11, 2014
Big Montana Beaver
What's for dinner? I'm so hungry I could eat a BMB!
by K Mac D January 06, 2012
BmB is an acronym for 'Blunts Make you Better'. BmB is a gaming community for people that play games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and various other games... They have a few divisions, one of them being BmB King Klick, and another being BmB Smoking Angels which is their all-female division. More about on
Hydropoo42: Dude, that BmB Dubl O Duce kid was bomb good. We tried to triple team him and he took us all out!!!

Yummygum65: Yeah, he actually sent me a game invite and said I was good enough to join BmB... sorry, bye!
by Cassandra Q - Miss Duce 422 June 26, 2009
acronym for "baby-making beat", used to describe music that is typically characterized by the presence of a smooth jazz saxophone
Tim: What's that sexy BMB I hear coming from Gimin's room?
Ivan: It's John Coltrane - she's getting it on with one of her boy toys.
Tim: She'd better be using protection unless she wants another kid.
by kkcho October 11, 2008
Bring My Beer. Boys got a tendency to be kind of self centered and just think BYOB (bring your own beer). However, this term, BMB, are used by handsome gentlemen who also think about the ladies and bring their beer as well.
Woman: "Darling, BMB please?"
Man: "Of course, my girl"
Beast-Man-Boner , (or MBMB, MAJOR-beast-man-boner)
Last night when me and my boyfriend was making out on my bed, he got a BMBmbmb
by mel December 03, 2003

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