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verb: to be fucked by wind and/or other elements.
I was just outside in that ridiculous rain and windstorm. I was totally just blusterfucked
by Charlezfalcon October 29, 2010
The act of being completely fucked over from all directions by the forces of nature, including but not limited to snow, wind, hail, meteors, or anything else that generally falls from the sky.
My car just got blown off the road by that blusterfuck of wind.
by Phenton Wandsnout January 26, 2014
A disaster caused by the reckless bluster of one person or a group supposedly in command of a situation.
« All the posturing and machonachos was proven empty by the blusterfuck that followed. |
by Fray Monkini July 05, 2009
A joining of the terms 'blogosphere' and 'clusterfuck', a blusterfuck is a fevered avalanche of blogosphere activity, usually in response to a big news story. As the number of stories multiply, bloggers increasingly engage in bluster and attempts to outdo each other in their analyses.
Wow, Microsoft's recent announcement has caused a total blusterfuck.
by Navneet Alang February 01, 2008
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