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Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, sippin' his 40 and smokin' blunts.
by Loremaster September 17, 2002
5716 1353
1. to be straight up about something
2. to be honest even though it might hurt you
1. in sorry to be so blunt but you got to realize that he doesnt care about any of your feelings.
by melinda123 February 19, 2007
68 35
normally a philly blunt. you bite off the end (where you would smoke if you werent rollin a b), and cut the blunt down the middle with a razor and empty the tobacco. you then make love to the inside and make it wet. you then fill it with a generous amount of pot and then you roll it up and spark it and blaze it.
yo go to the corner store and buy a strawberry blunt. roll one up with some bud i just got. this shit is amaazing! i smoked liek a nick and i got retarded. get a pack of new ports and we'lll blaze and blunt up, and listen to rap and play super nintendo niggaaa
by basicked September 15, 2005
57 38
marijuana rolled in cigar paper.
empty out that philly and lets roll us a blunt
by wango tango2 November 13, 2008
35 19
1. cigar paper rolled with weedinstead of tabacco
2. being strate foward
1. we bout ta light up a blunt
2. jus tell me the blunt truth
by x0HNiNE0NETHREE January 29, 2006
65 49
A blunt is a cigar or tobacco leaf used to roll up some killa chronic. It has everything to do with cigars because a blunt is a type of cigar; they sell phillies blunts swisher blunts ect. It was called a blunt becasue of that reason.learn the facts kids and smoke a blunt today.
- :p:
hey you buy the swishas and lets flip a blunt
by swaggles December 27, 2005
41 33
A cigar filled with weed instead of cigar so instead of feeling nothing you get the best feeling in the world besides sex. smoke theese everyday and in no time you'll be into hendrix,buying food at its cheapest price like bk all the time, and fuckin stoned
yo son i just got 3 dutches to roll a ghotti why cant you move, bro i just rolled that haze into the nicest blunt
by jawanna man June 26, 2009
11 5
A. round, not sharp (adjective)
B. a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana which enables one to smoke weed in public

C. abbreviated form of a bluntslide, which is a skateboard trick performed on rails/ledges
Chris was smoking a blunt and decided to front blunt a handrail but got beaten to death by a man with blunt objects :'(
by kickflipdude August 20, 2011
6 1