A state of total and utter annihilation resulting from excessive substance abuse involving the following: excessive binge drinking followed by a sufficiently debilitating blunt smoking session.
Guy A: Man, we are getting twisted up in hur'.
Guy B: Dude, I am so blunked out.
Guy A: Wow, you must done an excessive amount of binge drinking and then followed it up with a smoking session...possibly with a blunt.
Guy B: (throws up)
by Tigrenis Green December 23, 2005
Top Definition
To be blazed and drunk
Last night I got so blunk I don't even know what went down wit that crazy japanese chik
by Weedies February 08, 2004
past tense of "blink"

mate, you blunk again when the flash went off, can you please stop doing that??
by istanbel October 08, 2006
to be extremely blazed and drunk. much like the word crunk
Me and mike got so blunk last night we can't remeber a thing.
by Jessikuh July 24, 2005
When you're dominating a noob so hard as protoss that you just blink your entire stalker army on top of their army and take it out.
MC just blunked Idra! And there's gg!
by croqdot July 08, 2011
the past tense of "blink"
Was that the thing that Pastor said burst out your head and blunk at her?
by SMEPPS December 10, 2008
To stick a ball up someone's rectum.
Hey man, want to blunk?
by ikeagle March 16, 2011
A term used for inserting your outer bellybutton into a women at a high velocity.
I blunked your mom last night, it was quite the awesomeness
by DjTyph April 01, 2010
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