The process of getting a blow job, while shitting. (usually into the toilet.)
The bich was nasty. went to take a shit and she gave me blumpies.
by lowlife801 September 12, 2008
Top Definition
The act of giving head while the receiver is taking a shit.
"You best be givin' me a blumpy bitch!" said Tyrone as he was dumping in his prison cell.
by Chief Hosa March 16, 2003
Deficating while recieving oral sex.
Let's go to the bathroom, I need a Blumpy
by nicky September 04, 2003
recieve oral sex while defecating
"honey,could you come see me in the bathroom? I need a blumpy!
by russ1416807 May 12, 2006
when a girl is giving u head while your on the shitter
it took me a while to find a dirty ass bitch to let me pull of blumpy on her
by arlie September 06, 2004
The act of simultaneously receiving oral sex and blowing your load while releasing feces.
Farcus put one more notch on his belt after last night when Wendy decided she would blow him on the shitter, little did she know his intent was to get a blumpy.
by snagot September 08, 2007
The act of giving fellatio whilst having a number 2 (crap, shit, poo etc)
He was getting blumpy on a sunday afternoon
She was drunk and he suggested Blumpy for something different
by Tristan Holloway May 27, 2007
(n.) One who gives a blumpkin; Heather Harkins.
Yo, that bitch is a straight up blumpy.
by Mooch February 13, 2005

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