Noun. a blowing motion given to one person or animal by another person on the neck. Once a Blum is started, it can not be stopped. Before you give someone a blum, you have to say blum blum blum blum to the tune of your favorite song. The best strategy against a blum is to just take it right away, because blums can not be stopped
-Dude no get the fuck away
-Just take it once a blum is started it can't be stopped
-fine bitch
-Blum blum blum
by conwad January 27, 2007
Top Definition
Adj or Adv. describing the mental state of depression which follow a bout of chronic constipation.
After 5 days without being able to relieve himself, a dark sadness swept over the man as he gave into his inability and became noticeably blum.
by Sidarthur January 03, 2010
a word that can mean many things because nobody knows what the fuck it means
WTF is blum?!
titty blum
by BuzzkillBen March 18, 2011
When you're girlfriend is on her period and on the pill and you just don't give a fuck but don't have a condom and have sex with her anyways. the resulting mix after you get off is known as blum a mixture of blood and cum.
yo dude just had sex with sarah and shes on the rag

ewww dude did she drip blum everywhere after?
by beau gosse May 29, 2011
A nickname for a bad-ass person who works on classic cars & motorcycles. (also rad upholstery for any vehicle) It's quite possible for a Blum to show up on TV, Velocity Channel.
"Aw, did you see that new bike Blum built?"

"yeah, fucking dope cafe-racer style."
by donttellmehow February 26, 2013
A mixture of blood and semen produced by having sex when a woman is menstruating.
"Shit, shit, shit! I've got blum all over the sheets."
"Aaaaah! It's all over my knob!"
by xBlackFacex August 14, 2011
Blum is the mixture of Blood and semen to form a balance of 75% blood and 25% semen. When in this form it is known as Blum. This mixture originated as the left river of the two separated by the snake.
"Mom i was masterbating and i blumed!"
"Ewwww! Look at all the blum!"
by Zman110 August 16, 2011
A person who's often feels left out... A third wheel.
Jackie: I hate hanging out wit you and Janet, I always feel like a third wheel.
Jane: You're such a Blum
by Blumkinsforeveryone March 25, 2010
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