The light in which will never go on and is just there to make u paranoid. Drop ya beers when it lights up or ur fucked or... grab another beer and do the god dance, the good way to go down.
The blue light special fuckas
by TRACYZ February 24, 2004
Top Definition

among others, a very good drug discussion, with a lot of information and trip reports, a website dedicated to harm reduction.
ml r0x0rz!!!
by pyro May 16, 2004
The exact same slang meaning as hit, as in, put a hit on. Used in '80s South-Central gang culture.
Yo man, I heard the Eight Trays put a blue light on Taco 'cause he be dissin their hood in the pen like they ain't gon' hear it.
by Steelo J. February 14, 2005
Cop lights; party lights.
Pull over and stop.
Do it now!
COP ASSUMES DRIVER SAYS: "Here baby, hide this niggerpipe in your bra."
COP: "Driver! Turn off the engine and throw the keys out the driver's side window! Do it NOW!
Step out with your hands on your head!
Driver! Walk backwards toward my voice!
Don't look at me!
Stop! Lay face down with your hands to your side!"

"The frightening arrest scenarios depicted on the 'reality' TV show Cops have elevated BLUE LIGHTS to terrorism status as the brainwashing of America continues on network TV."
Term used in an office when a group of fellow employees want to drink together during office hours.
“Hey! Why don't we all go into TJ’s office and turn on the blue light?!?”
by Blenk May 01, 2008
An emergency light used by volunteer firefighters, emergency medical personel, and other first responders. Used in/on the responder's personal vehicle to move traffic out of thier way in order to get to the firehouse, emergency scene, etc. In some states blue is a color reserved for law enforcement so volunteers instead use red lights.
Inclues rotating lights, flashing lights, strobes, and most recently LEDs.
by Brad January 24, 2005
Another slang term for the police.
Ditch the pot man! Bluelights!
by fuiiiiiikk April 19, 2004
One of the "Select" Bx12 buses that run from the corner of Edson Ave. and Bartow Ave. in the Bronx in New York, to the corner of 207th St. and Broadway in Manhattan, New York. The buses are run on an experimental basis to relieve overcrowding on this much-used run: one must insert a Metrocard into a special machine at key stops along the bus route in order to get a paper receipt, then board the bus from the REAR. After several minutes the bus driver will collect the paper receipts. Named for the blue lights that flash at the top, showing that the buses are the "Select" route.
I love to see that blue-light come along---it's a colorful addition to the road!
by pentozali August 06, 2009
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