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Similar to a Dirty Sanchez, except the entire jaw, chin, and upper neck area is covered with fecal matter as well as the standard upper lip.
After giving her the chili dog I smeared her with a bluebeard.
by Scummable Thurgood April 04, 2005
The bluebeard looked quite distinguished in his count attire.
#unruly #boisterous #obnoxious #queer #queen
by Tim St. James February 26, 2008
When a girl takes a dump in a freshly cleaned porta-potty and some blue liquid splashes up onto her vagina and a guy gets it all over his face after going down on her.
You'll know a blue beard when you see it.
#blue #beard #pirate lady #facial disgracial #clam digging
by strawberryjen January 18, 2009
A person, usually male, with multiple partners.
A player, or not.
You shave off a read beard and become a blue beard.

I dumped his sorry arse after I found out he was a blue beard.
#blue #beard #polygamy #player #partners
by Nards OTC August 11, 2007
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