BlueB is the shortened word of BlueBerry, which was a member of the muffin clan. The muffin clan was a clan on SOCOM. You can get a hold of BlueB on AIM at Namkkman or on Yahoo Messanger at Namkkman.
BlueB pwns you, and your mother.
by Kevin "BlueB" Steinwand May 25, 2004
Top Definition
A shortened word for blueberry.
Bill: Yo man, I just picked up a ton of bluebs at the supermarket. Do you want any?

Ray: Sure, I love bluebs. They're filled with antioxidants.

Cyrus: Can I have some? My heart is achy and could use some bluebs.
#blueb #blueberry #berry #blue berry #antioxidant #funny
by DavidBoyd July 10, 2008
Short for blueballs.
Jerry: Hey Tom, can I have the last swedish fish?
Tom: Bluebs.(eats the last one)

My girlfriend kept giving me bluebs last night, so when she was asleep I blew a load in her face.
#blueballs #tease #cockblock #sexnot #blue nuts
by Robertos777 February 05, 2009
A word describing a feeling greater than "love". It can only be used to express love greater than friendship, for someone who you will always have strong feelings for, and who is always on your mind, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.
I blueb X so much, she is the perfect girl for me.
#love #infatuation #companionship #true love #courting
by JonHuth December 23, 2005
This is a feeling greater than love. Greater than a shallow feeling of infatuation. The feeling where you'd rather be hurt yourself, than see the person you blueb in pain.
I blueb my little huth
#a #s #d #f #j #k #l
by JonHuth December 19, 2005
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