The mascot for the best school in america, nay, the world, Duke University. Also, their outstanding basketball team is 3-time champions of the NCAA tournament.
Lets go blue devils!
by JP March 19, 2005
The mascot of Duke University, which has the best mens and womens basketball teams ever.
The Blue Devils are the best ever!
by Roy Williams March 24, 2003
1) To rape a stripper.

2) To suck off a referee so you can get every questionable call.
James was horny but poor so he blue deviled a sripper.

Billy's basketball team sucked so he pulled a blue devil on the referee.
by JesusFuckin'Christ May 08, 2006
1. gay as can be 2. one who has the ability to lick his own balls 3. weasel-like, in the manner of a weasel-like, whiny coach.
Q. Did you play basketball tonight, Johnny? A. No, Mom, I just went outside and fucked up some blue devils.
by Jaybird February 02, 2005
Concord, Ca 12 time world champion. Highest ever in DCI. Yea, got 2nd in world champions 2008 but it was so robbed. Best drum core.
Man, everyone knows that the competition was stolen from the blue devils by van guard.
by mht3614 August 12, 2008
devils are not fucking blue, they are red. If you didnt know they live in hell, which is hot, and red. You fucking dumbasses.
blue devil is a metaphor
by Dook April 03, 2005
corny stupid dum stinks and suck.
by dum March 10, 2003

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