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to stick a lighter lit to your butthole and then follow through with a fart. a huge blue flame will come flying out!
"holy shit man, i just blew a hole in my undies while making a blue flame..."
by bitch nasty January 02, 2008
Blue Flames is an armor effect in Halo: Reach that was exclusive only to Bungie employees. Now everybody has blue flames because of the Bungie Mobile app. It was cool before, but now it is just a noob detector because most BKs wear it. It is certainly the Hayabusa of Halo: Reach.
Noob:H3y guy$ ch3ck 0ut m3h b1ue f1@mes
Me:You are a Goddamn noob. Blue flames suck ass. You are probably an armor lock whore. By the way, talking like that only makes you sound like a poor, uneducated inner-city kid.
Noob:lolol @s if, u prolly play Legend of Zelda like a lil F@gg0t
Me:(calling a friend on the phone) Carter, get the Motherfuckin SHOTGUN!!!!!!
by ExplosiveSoap August 13, 2011
The ignition of a fart.

To fart while holding a lit lighter a few inches from ones butt-hole. "You should have been there last night, when Jonny lit up a blue flame and burned his asshole"
by brogers July 04, 2006
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