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The worst catastrophe since I ejaculated into a fan. An event that is literally like taking your cock, beating an angry cat with it while simultaneously shitting on your mom. Something so unmentionable that it gives you the sensation that a dozen catholic priests are sodomizing you repeatedly then finally sticking a purple candle in your sphincter and burning your insides with hot wax while cooking priest semen in your bunghole. Seriously, I'd rather be a youngling in Revenge of the Sith than go through this.
Mike:wassup dude, how was your birthday? me:shitty, it was a total Diarrhea holocaust.
#diarrhea #holocaust #ps3 #cod #treyarch.
by ExplosiveSoap August 05, 2011
A person in just about any Halo game(more recently Halo:Reach) who is of a high rank, yet is terrible, immature, a squeaker, talks too much shit, uses detachable turrets, rushes power weapons, betrays teammates for said power weapons, or overall is just a bad player of Halo. This mostly pertains to Reach since the rank of the player is determined by the amount of overall time the player has achieved in multiplayer(credit-based ranking system.)
Most PseudoPros usually boost, either by full-party methods or by challenge boosting. In other Halo games like Halo 3 it can be detected by people who brag about armor, achievements, or anything really.

Basically, if you run into a Halo PseudoPro, please for the love of god, do not friend request them just because they are a Forerunner/50/have all achievements. Also, do not pay any attention to their unnecessary teabags/hate messages/general asshole behavior. They just want attention since their mom/transvestite dad stopped breastfeeding them.
Me: I ran into a Halo PseudoPro today, all he did was teabagand brag about his Hayabusa armor, even though the year is 2011 and everyone who has the campaign disc has it. Friend: wow someone like that must just have a tiny dick/enflamed cliteris and feels like they need attention, what an asshole.
#teabag #noob #pseudo #pro #halo #wannabe #reach #hayabusa #blue flames #eva (c) #turret #rockets #xbox #xbox 360
by ExplosiveSoap August 06, 2011
One or more qualities\traits of a person playing a video game that makes them a noob.Clan tags, armor effects/perks, armor/clothing, gamertag/playstation ID, weapons used, teabagging, kd ratio. Most of these pertain to Halo/COD since they are probably the two most played multiplayer series. Some people could have these traits/qualities but not be a noob, but these noob detectors still work on about 80% of people.
here are some noob detectors: clan tags: swag, pro, mlg awsm. armor abilities/perks: armor lock, jetpack, martyrdom, juggernaut. armor/clothing:eva(c), hayabusa. Weapons used: noobtubes, turrets, rockets. teabagging: teabagging itself is for noobs, but almost everyone does it so teabag for no reason=noob teabagging the winning team=super noob. teabagging losing team/assholes on your team that kill you= completely acceptable. kd ratio: If negative=noob if positive=not a noob
#noob #noob detector #bk #scrub #bad
by ExplosiveSoap August 13, 2011
Blue Flames is an armor effect in Halo: Reach that was exclusive only to Bungie employees. Now everybody has blue flames because of the Bungie Mobile app. It was cool before, but now it is just a noob detector because most BKs wear it. It is certainly the Hayabusa of Halo: Reach.
Noob:H3y guy$ ch3ck 0ut m3h b1ue f1@mes
Me:You are a Goddamn noob. Blue flames suck ass. You are probably an armor lock whore. By the way, talking like that only makes you sound like a poor, uneducated inner-city kid.
Noob:lolol @s if, u prolly play Legend of Zelda like a lil F@gg0t
Me:(calling a friend on the phone) Carter, get the Motherfuckin SHOTGUN!!!!!!
#noob detector #poor #noob #warrant officer #diarrhea holocaust
by ExplosiveSoap August 13, 2011
When you defecate in and around your lovers mouth and he/she/it performs a bloodcurling scream and exhales fecal matter. Much like a dragon, without the feces. Most commonly used in Lord of the Rings. Most notable occurence is when Gandalf performed this on Legolas during the Battle of Gondor.
Late one night after Alec got done supervising his church youth group, he came home to see his Homosexual lover Remi engaged in an affair with Eric. A couple days later, Alec told Remi to come into the room. When Remi came into the room, Alec suprised him by shitting all over his mouth and down his throat. Enraged by this, Remi let out a huge roar expelling poo from his mouth.

After witnessing this act of revenge, Lily Twodicks proclaimed "eeeeeewwwww why did you just give him a Middle Earth Mud Dragon?"
#remi #eric #alec #poo #lotr
by ExplosiveSoap August 09, 2011
A incredibly well-known person on Halo:Reach who likes to make anime in forge world. Unfortunately, there are assholes who do not know how to keep their opinions to themselves and talk shit about vexsf. Vexsf probably gets many hate messages a day by faggots who don't understand anime.alot of People talk shit about vexsf because he likes to make anime about girls doing a sexy pose. People call him a pervert for this, yet every one who calls him that is probably a male and has masturbated atleast once, which makes most vexsf haters hypocrites because making anime is a whole lot less perverted than masturbation. alot of people talk shit about vexsf just for the fact that he makes anime. These kinds of people are probably american, as america is one of the most judgemental countries in the world. I myself am an american, but im not an asshole. Chances are, Vexsf is probably japanese and in japan, anime is very popular.
Some well-known anime that has appeared in america and is very popular: Pokemon, yugioh, dragon ball z, Bleach, naruto. Seriously, people need to get a life and quit hating on a guy who has enough talent and patience to make anime in halo.
annoying jock asshole: vexsf is fucking gay, seriously who the fuck likes anime anyway.
me:well atleast vexsf doesn't need steroids for what he does, pansy. I hope japan fucking takes over america, just to show all these hating assholes
#vexsf #haters #anime #halo #japan
by ExplosiveSoap August 14, 2011
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