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Unfinished sexual arousal caused by a male tease; sexual frustration in women caused by the swelling of the clit and sexual arousal but unending in orgasm.
I gotta dump Fred. Last night he gave me the blue clit.
by Sphinx June 05, 2005
Lack of orgasm in stimulated female.
While making out with Sally, Timmy's parents came home and they had to stop, thus, Sally had a blue clit.
by Linder December 15, 2007
female version of blue balls
this bitch got me all blue clitted..........and she wants to take things slow
by fezzizme September 04, 2009
When a female is turned on sexually but then left with nothing nor sex. She is fully aroused but gets no pleasure.

Just like when men have blue balls.
Omg Lisa, Kevin turned me on and had me all wet but then he got a phone call and had to leave me right then and there. I was left with a blue clit.
by spacedoutyo March 25, 2013
The female version of blue balls. A painful sensation in the clitoris and labia from lack of female orgasm.
Liz has bad blueclit because she's so horny and not getting boned.
by jahertz November 08, 2008
When a woman gets horny & teased but does not climax, resulting in grumpiness and phantom pain in the crotch.
You had to ruin the mood again and give me blue clit!
by Buttpucker October 21, 2015
when a girl needs to get laid and doesn't. The female equivalent of blue balls
"man, Eric and I haven't fucked in so long I have blue clit."
by tap dat January 26, 2008
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