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1.when you dont have to do any work eg. in class

2. when you just lay around all day
1.that was such a bludge lesson

2. i just bludged all day
by spamy April 05, 2003
The Australian layman's word for 'procrastination'
I think I'm gonna bludge around a bit today
by Raii April 04, 2007
1. (when intr, often foll by on) to scrounge from (someone)

2. (intr) to evade work

3. (intr) Archaic to act as a pimp

a very easy task; undemanding employment
* This guy just bludge at work

* He was sacked for bludging on the job.

* Hey dude.. stop bludging!!!!!!
by don loco February 11, 2010
blunt sludge. BLUDGE. a brown liquid that forms at the end of a blunt. it appears when the tobacco wrap is overwhelmed with too much saliva (otherwise known as nigger lipping). it stains everything it touches! don't get it on yo polo.
person #1: whats this shit on my damn lip??

person #2: that's bludge you nig nog!
by muhnameizdrew February 01, 2009
Consuming excessive amounts of chocolate and watching movies all day despite knowing there is a hell of a lot of work to be done. Bludging can often be in conjunction with relationhip issues, especially for Females - we all know its true.
I have so much work to do, lets bludge. Where's the chocolate?
by Minuit May 10, 2009
A black eye resulting from a forceful blow job when the penis misses the mouth and hits the eye socket. Both noun and transitive verb.
"Did you see that <em>bludge</em> on that girl Chuck took home from the pub?"

"So I grabbed her ponytail and slammed her head into my dick, but she missed and I <em>bludged</em> her!"
by aleksandre the great March 10, 2010