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(noun) take a woman over, say, 275 pounds, 45-55 DDD or bigger chest, a roll under her bellybutton like a fullsize loaf of French or Italian bread, rolls in her crotch like a 3rd (and 4th) set of labia, a pad of fat on her mons, huge buttocks, and you can't really get half-way into her in ANY position because of fat keepin' you away from her vagina so's you can bearly get your "head" into it
Denise, you is one BIG woman ! You is a blubbderfuck to beat all blubberfucks. You' sure yo' ain't already 'bout to give birth ?
by Jake January 12, 2004
To fuck a whale of a girl
Damn that bitch was fat, you da blubberfuck king!
by Tap3k January 21, 2003
penetration sex with any woman over 190 pounds
She peeled her clothes off, I knew it wasn't love, but I'd never had a blubberfuck over my own 220 pounds so I did her.
by John R. January 02, 2004
An expletive that's pretty much meaningless.
What the blubberfuck is that moron doing?
by S. Machan September 25, 2002