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To fuck a whale of a girl
Damn that bitch was fat, you da blubberfuck king!
by Tap3k January 21, 2003
(noun) take a woman over, say, 275 pounds, 45-55 DDD or bigger chest, a roll under her bellybutton like a fullsize loaf of French or Italian bread, rolls in her crotch like a 3rd (and 4th) set of labia, a pad of fat on her mons, huge buttocks, and you can't really get half-way into her in ANY position because of fat keepin' you away from her vagina so's you can bearly get your "head" into it
Denise, you is one BIG woman ! You is a blubbderfuck to beat all blubberfucks. You' sure yo' ain't already 'bout to give birth ?
by Jake January 12, 2004
An expletive that's pretty much meaningless.
What the blubberfuck is that moron doing?
by S. Machan September 25, 2002
penetration sex with any woman over 190 pounds
She peeled her clothes off, I knew it wasn't love, but I'd never had a blubberfuck over my own 220 pounds so I did her.
by John R. January 02, 2004
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