To whip out your crank and let loose a tidal wave of froth.

To ejaculate at a high velocity.

The process whereby semen is propelled from one's cock, especially over something that is froth-worthy.

For public pleasure, one may tuck his penis into his waistband, providing stimulation as they walk, eventually resulting in a load being blown into their belly-button.
Oi I was terrorizing this chick's gaping asshole last night and I filled her asshole with cum.

Check out that hectic rig over there, makes me wanna whip my crank out and blow a load all over her.

Paul: Seriously, if Chen invited me to the formal I would blow my load so hard his skin would simply flake off his bones!

Spiv: Ehhhhhhh boys, dodgy, dodgy, I just busted a nut on Smoh Ah, Ehhhh. Dodgy!

Peter: Fuck, the other night Rossi blew a load in my eye and I still can't see straight.

Guy 1: Is Frank coming out tonight?
Guy 2: Nah, he's too busy blowing a load all over his slurry.
by M Leonidas November 17, 2009
Top Definition
Shooting a massive load of cum.
Dude, I can't talk right now, I'm blowing a load in my girlfriends ass.
by Jizzman1 March 21, 2009
To let the volcano spuee its lava
Donnie must be blowing a load in his room.
by sranger danger May 11, 2006
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