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A woman who after extensive attention takes forever to orgasm. This is likely caused from improper foreplay, she is being raped, she is dead, or you just don't do it for her.
Shit G, you need to give that girl some foreplay or her clitortoise will never come out its shell.
by MD65 July 20, 2006
The acting of squirting your 100 proof baby juice in, on, or around <<insert your preference here>> (i.e. women, men, magazines, farm animals, toilet paper, socks, your own face, ...

;) --- <=8
When I was blowing the load on grandma's wig when she walked in.
by MD65 August 25, 2006
Pronunciation: "fri-gi-'mor-tis"
Function: noun
Etymology: New American, stiffness of body
: temporary rigidity of muscles occurring after orgasm or blowing the load
That chick had frigimortis when I was done with her.
by MD65 August 25, 2006
One half of the ingredients it takes to make the baby.
She won't get pregnant if you have her swallow the 100 proof baby juice.
by MD65 August 25, 2006

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