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To vomit mass quantities of large solid material. Very unpleasant but could be worse. See example.
Barfly: "I went home totally drunk from the bar last night and started blowing chunks."
Bartender: "That happens when you're shitfaced sometimes."
Barfly: "You don't understand. Chunks is the name of my dog."
by PeeBee February 11, 2004
To expel chunky vomit in many directions at once. Often practiced just before reaching the pan.
She stood aghast as after 15 pitns he sprung forward and blew chunks over her tits
by Minger Magnet April 15, 2003
throwing up perfusly by simply opening the mouth and it shooting across the walls!
1: "omg dude i was ssooooo sick lastnight."
2: "how sick?"
1: "i was blowing chunks man!"
2: "eeewww."
by onemindoneheart August 22, 2009
After you get done eating expired ice cream.
I was blowing chunks so hard i needed a net to catch the left-overs, and i needed to hold on to my grandmothers toliet holder. I felt relieved afterwards.XD
by GAY. you will spam me! liars! December 10, 2009
to throw up violently in a bathroom stall

to give oral to some boy named Chunks
I was blowing chunks the day i got sick

Oh my god! She's blowing Chunks!
by um... not Bridget... May 09, 2005
when a guy is making out with a girl and he pukes in her mouth. then the girl gives the guy a blow job
dude my girlfriend was blowing chunks last night and it felt soooo good!
by sji9274 January 27, 2010
a slightly crude code word meaning " i have something private to tell you at a later moment", often used when an undesireable person breaks into your conversation
Alice: so you'll never guess what Jack did yesterday at the park.

Matt: spill.

* Jack enters the room *

Alice: Blowing Chunks
by Alice Malice Murder August 14, 2008
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