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1) Very busy, usually because to-dos weren't consolidated properly. (Used chiefly at a restaurant)
2) It can also refer to the crazy things a specific table wants you to do for them.
3) Sometimes, it can refer to other restaurant problems, like someone going crazy or something being broken.
1) "No. I'm blowed up. I have four tables now and was just double-sat. I have ten drinks to get out and two orders to put in."
2) "My table is blowed up. I just got them extra ketchup and mayo, the old guy is sending his steak back, and I have to get three refills."
3) "Don't bother Jen, she's blowed up right now."

by funshine912 February 04, 2009
For ones cell phone to ring one after the other ,countless times in a row
sh!t son you cell phone blowed up since you left
by Colin A Ware July 27, 2009
This means not only to be stoned or drunk or pilled up, its a combination of one or another. This usually means to smoke weed until your mind is fucking warped and when that happens you cool yourself off with a 12 pack of beer, thusly completing the "blowed up" process. Practice this method with your friends and see what kind of interesting combinations you can come up with.
Gary: Dude I'm at Jr's gettin' blowed up. 6 percodan, 8 beers, and 4 bowls. Still standin' tall. BERNT. Don't talk shit about total!

Dillon: I'll be there in 5 minutes
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 05, 2010

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